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 Envy-Meow Gunner of Conyers Cat (Gunner)

Gunner is a thrill a minute with personality and a loving disposition. This guy is still growing but is already a really big boy! His kittens are big and intelligent and are making great family members. Gunner is a brown classic tabby.


        Epiphany Apollo of Conyers Cat (Apollo)

Apollo a very  affectionate big boy with great boning. He is throwing fabulous large kittens with beauty and great temperament.  As you can see, he is a brown classic tabby with high white.



   Champion Jaspurrcats 2 Tontip of Conyers Cat (Tipper)
Tipper is our retired senior stud. He was retired because we are an outcross cattery for hybrid vigor and genetic health and he is related to many of our breeding girls  and we do not breed related cats. He is a great big lovable boy weighing in at 26 pounds. Look closely - this is not a black and white cat. He is a rare black smoke and white. Look at his right front leg. Each black hair is white at the base and black at the tip! This hunk of kitty boy is extremely gentle and loves to give kisses. Many thanks to Beth Feininger of Jaspurrcats Maine Coons for this wonderful boy. Tipper's kittens and grand-kittens are full of purrsonality and extreme intelligence. They are fun and playful. It is common for them to be playing full out and then stop, come get and give kisses and then return to playing as if they had never stopped.