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                         Conyers Cat Miss Adventure (Hot Tamale)

Hot T. is her call name but Miss Adventure is her registered name and her life's calling! She is a tortoiseshell with no white. She delights in play and is our fastest girl. She has an elegance and beauty in movement that is captivating and just a joy to watch. We can't wait to see how she matures. Hot T. is our youngest and future queen and our current show cat.


Champion Conyers Cat Vandamonium (Spot)

Spot is a great athlete and all around good time girl. Never in a bad mood, she is always up for an adventure, a game of kitty toy soccer or chase. She currently holds the record for cat that can jump the highest! She is an extremely attentive mother and her babies are always fat and content. Hobby: Track and Field competitions.



                       Champion Conyers Cat Tempest at Sea (Tempe)

Tempe is a brown patch tabby (torbie) meaning she is a brown tabby with patches of red. She is a large girl and has a long lush coat that sparkles in the sun. She is a loving girl and great mother. She throws large kittens that have great type. Hobby; Commenting on everything! She's a talker. 




             Grand Champion McPride Sophia Loren of Conyers Cat

Our beautiful Sophie shown in the above photo is a Grand Champion. This is a special accomplishment because the Maine Coon standard is written for our male cats. Sophie is the daughter of Grand Champion, three time National Winner, Regional Winner, and Sire of Distinguished Merit Tuvets Martha's Pick of Abizaq. A proven queen, Sophie is a loving and gentle mother and family member. She never meets a stranger and is always ready to play. Her kittens are beautiful and fun. Thank you to Martha Auspitz and the late Anne Jones for this wonderful girl! Sophie is brown classic tabby with white.



                  Champion McPride Shirley Temple Conyers Cat

Shirley is a full sister to our Sophie - just one year younger. Shirley is our prankster and instigator of lots of "fun" activities - like tag, steal the pencil, hide the top of the milk carton and other kitty shenanigans. This lovely girl has beautiful babies! Thank you to Martha Auspitz and the late Anne Jones for this wonderful girl! Shirley is brown classic tabby with white.



                                Conyers Cat Patch the Pirate Girl

Our very flashy Patch is a very big girl that has big beautiful kittens of various colors. Patch is a tortoiseshell with white. Her kittens are smart and have great size.


    Champion Conyers Cat Carpathia to the Rescue (Patty)

Patty is a striking silver classic tabby with white girl. She is extremely smart and passes that intelligence to her kittens along with her beauty. Hobbies: Stealing human snack food, magic tricks including opening kitty safe treat containers and hogging the limelight.


Champion Sempercoons Darla of Conyers Cat

Darla is a silver patch tabby (also known as a silver Torbie) meaning that she is a silver cat with patches of reddish peach color. Darla has no idea that she is a cat and is thoroughly convinced she is human. She is a big affectionate girl that can't get enough snuggles and she can't give enough kitty kisses. A huge thanks to Jeff and Cheryl Holmes of Sempercoons for this sweet beautiful gilr. hobby: Assisting Carpathia in cat burglary and hijinks!