Conyers Cat
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Current and Updated 10/04/14
If not marked as Reserved, the kitty is still available.


Mom McPride
Shirley Temple (Shirley) of Conyers Cat 
Dad Jaspurrcats
2 Tontip of Conyers Cat (Tipper) 

Born 06/21/14 
Now Ready For New Homes
Brown Classic Tabby & White Male

The four photos below are of Captain. When facing straight on, he appears very white. When he is viewed from the back, you see his gorgeous pattern with the warm honey undertones.
He is a nice big sturdy boy and extremely loving. If you want kitty kisses, this is the boy for you!  

Silver Classic Tabby & White Male

The four photos below are of our elegant Winston. He is named
after the famous jeweler Harry Winston since he is "silver".  Winston is another big boy that is super affectionate. He plays like crazy and would be a wonderful playmate or best friend around the house.




                        RETIRED ADULTS                        

Occasionally we have retired show and breeding boys and girls available to forever homes. These are the "Best of the best" that we have kept back for show and breeding.... the ones that have the best temperament, beauty and the qualities that we wanted to keep.

See one of our cats on our Boys or Girls pages that you love? Use the "Contact Us" page to send an inquiry about a specific kitty.


Conyers Cat Song of the Seas (CeCe)

DOB 3/23/2008
The three photos below are of our CeCe.
She is a brown patch tabby (also know as Torbie). In other words, she is a brown classic tabby with patches of red. She's very social and loving. She is also curious and want to help do everything around the house! Spayed and inoculations up to date.


KittyKop Violatio
n of Conyers Cat (Trinket)
DOB 5/24/2006

Trinket is a tortoiseshell. She is a black cat with patches of red and cream. Very dramatic coloring for a very special girl. Trinket is very loving but it is on her terms. She will most likely help you read, watch television, do computer work and will probably sleep with you. She is talkative and will let you know her thoughts on most subjects. She is very good company.


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